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THE POWER OF WORDS: Taming The Tongue (Bible Study)

Monday, June 03, 2013

When asked the question can you or I tame our own tongue, the answer resoundingly is NO! It is a truth that although a word out of your mouth may seem of no account, but in actuality it can accomplish nearly anything, as well as destroy everything! 

Unlike King David, most of us do not pray about our words; only the restraining of our tongues. However, like many of us, he had the propensity to dilute truth and a cynical and diabolical aptness for portraying the scrupulousness of his hidden agenda.

In our social media induced culture where extraction of words is airborne within seconds, one might seem superannuated in making the decision not to sin with their mouth. Impossible you might say; nevertheless, it is achievable when you purpose to rely solely on God's strength for the execution of it in your life.


FUNCTION #1: James 3:1-2 "TO GAUGE"
The tongue inevitably becomes the gauge for our MATURITY. In other words, our FAITH will NEVER register HIGHER than our WORDS!

FUNCTION #2: James 3:3-5 "TO GUIDE"
The tongue sets things in motion. It will either defuse or kindle its course of action.

FUNCTION #3: James 3:6-8 "TO GIRD"
The tongue is a POWERFUL force; it has the power to expend life or death in our lives through words. Ironically however, to our detriment, it was NEVER intended to be used to KILL US, but rather to CREATE an abundant life CONDUCIVE to God's intended purpose.

FUNCTION #4: James 3:9-18 "TO GUARD"
4:23 (NLT) says "Guard your heart above ALL else for it DETERMINES the COURSE of your life." Here James provokes us to PONDER upon whether or not our words reveal a GOOD or BAD guarded tongue.   In other words, does it CREATE peace or does it REVEAL hypocrisy?


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