A Ministry of Survivors Sent to Revive

Strait Talkin' With Pastor "T"|Unmasked and Healed Without Scars

Strait Talkin' With Pastor
is a Sisterhood where women are empowered to tackle the taboo, to re-infuse the relevant and to unapologetically excavate the unprofitable through relevant and relatable thought-provoking dialogue. These empowerment sessions were conceived and birthed out of a need for transparency and accountability within the Church. A God-mandated setting where women of all ages, nationalities and religion would be afforded an opportunity to confront, dismantle and unmask strongholds in an intimate non-threatening atmosphere. A ministry where self-destructive images are eradicated, biblical principles infused and undetected toxins from emotional, mental and spiritual scar tissue is Healed Without Scars through the ineffable restorative Grace of Christ! 

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