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It's an incontrovertible truth.....

Transformation begins with loving your scars;
not the actions of other's but the behavior of self.....

The following blogs are RECAPS of our Strait Talkin' With Pastor "T" monthly empowerment sessions.  The "STWPT" empowerment sessions afford women of all ethnicity, ages, race and socio-economic backgrounds an opportunity to unapologetically indulge in a dialogue about relevant and relatable issues.  We biblically tackle the taboo, re-infuse the relevant and decimate the unprofitable. 

You see, becoming Transformed at the Root requires a willingness to embrace the process of being processed.  In other words, the expediency of one's unmasking is always predicated upon the willingness to confront, identify and dismantle the stronghold within. 

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Tuesday, November 01, 2016
                            "OCTOBER SESSION RECAP"

The atmosphere was different! Our mannerisms were more open and embracing! His Presence was enveloping and oozing like LIQUID LOVE over each of us; it was UNSPOKEN but we knew woman-to-woman, this spring-like Saturday mo'ning on October 15th was unlike any other!

There was a readiness! Our Spiritual Excavator opened up our session with a confirming word from Scripture in 2 Corinthians 3:17 NKJ which says “Now the Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” From the moment our ICEBREAKERS were introduced, we were enthralled with a childlike giddiness in anticipation of exposing our vulnerability upon sharing our answers to the questions.  Can I tell you it was REAL!  The intensity of our outbursts of laughter turned cackling provoked us to tears; it was unadulterated transparency.  We were asked....

1.   If you could lose 10-20lbs. what would you do that you are hesitant to do now?

2.   If you could enlarge any part of your body what would you enlarge and why?  Would it be looked at or looked on?

3.   What is the most embarrassing or compromising position that you have ever found yourself in with a man?

4.   Would you say you are the type of person who likes to have the last word and why?

Once we had "gathered ourselves" the atmosphere swiftly shifted and once again we found ourselves in f
ull blown dialogue with Apostle "T" who meticulously weaved the shift into these two supporting passages of Scripture:

Ephesians 6:10-17 NLT A final word:  Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.  Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil.  For we are not fighting against flesh and blood enemies, but against rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.  Therefore, put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil.  Then after the battle you will still be standing firm.  Stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of God’s righteousness.  For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared.  In addition to all of these, hold up the shield of faith to stop the fiery arrows of the devil.  Put on salvation as your helmet and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.”
2 Corinthians 4:18 NLT So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen.  For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.”  No longer can we afford to walk around naked.  Leaving home without your full armor is what the enemy is cheering for.  Protect yourself from the snares of the evil one!  Keep your gaze on the true enemy.  Remember, we are not dealing with the person, we are dealing with the operator behind the action, the enemy, the unseen world! 
Through her thought-provoking introduction of the movie's highlights, we were given a brief opportunity to reflect upon the importance of having viewed the inspirational film of the year WAR ROOM in the Spirit. 


One of the crowning moments at the beginning of the movie was when Ms. Clara spoke a paralyzing truth about how “we need strategies and the right resources in our fight against the enemy because victories do not come by accident."  True to form, the character superbly weaved four ineffable pinnacles of though  throughout the movie while interjecting a universal familiarity for us all.

1.   Liz had an issue with Tony traveling all the time.  Instead of making her husband Tony aware of her concerns, she suppressed here feelings while allowing anger, bitterness, and resentment to make an indelible mark on her heart. 

2.   Tony had a problem with Liz giving money to her sister as a result of her supposed deadbeat husband.  Instead of implementing  healthy financial parameters he became incensed by her actions and unwilling to compromise for the greater good of operating as one flesh. 

3.   Instead of addressing the real issue which was counting the cost of losing his family because of an extramarital affair, like many of issue he wanted to fix Liz instead of being fixed within himself.  Even in his despair, Liz took the high road and did not dignify herself by demeaning or character assassinating another woman because of her chosen skill set!

4.   It is an incontrovertible truth, comprehension begins with conversation; it's all about the COMMUNICATION!!! Too often we're unable to achieve the desired result because one or both parties are too busy listening to the TONE and not each other's WORDS.  

One of the funniest modern-day like parables in the movie was Ms.  Ms. Clara serving Liz lukewarm coffee.  She'd prefaced serving her coffee by asking Liz how she felt about her walk with God?  Was it cold, lukewarm, or hot?  This analogy was cleverly used in order for Liz to gain an understanding of her current walk with God.  In other words, don’t afraid to acknowledge where you are in Christ right now.  If you need to come up higher, then simply do it!  Remember Scripture says, “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord.” Zechariah 4:6 NKJ.

Upon nearing our conclusion, we were asked to do a self-examination in conjunction with these two thought-provoking questions:

1.   If there is one thing in your life that you could do better, what would it be?

2.   How much do you pray for your husband?  For those who are single, have you been praying for the things that you desire of your Boaz?  Pray now so those things will come to pass.

During our heated discussions, why do we tend to badger or judge the other like Liz did with Ms. Clara regarding Tony?  Upon tiring of Liz's bantering, Ms. Clara unequivocally set her on a road called straight  She asked Liz if Tony deserved grace? The point is that we all deserve God’s grace.  In other words, married, single, separated, widowed or divorced, the need for change will always introduce truth because truth comes to offend the unsavory behavior.  Rest assured, the very area(s) we are asking God to change the lives of others will always be the foretaste of what He desires to change in our own lives.  In short, stop fighting the person!  Stop warring in the natural what can only be conquered in the Spirit!  So, what area(s) in your life are you most tired of being defeated in and why? 


Apostle “T” led us into a place of self-examination, honesty and transparency deep within ourselves while pondering and answering these five questions:

1.   Identify the individual whom you most identified with.

2.   Identify one major scene that has been your reality. Whatever area(s) in your life you are being challenged in, take dominion over it by the Spirit!

3.   Who do you need to be praying for that you are a lifeline to?  What you are going through is not for you.  The longer we prolong the process, the more detrimental the challenge becomes in someone else's' life.  We are not justified in making the decision to not get it right while someone else is waiting for our lives to mirror their answer!

4.   Who do you need to ask for their forgiveness?  If that person is no longer living, know that forgiveness can be birthed through prayer.

5.   Who do you need to be investing in that you are not investing in right now?

iz did not waste any time in replicating herself; throwing out the lifeline.  God had answered her family's prayers.  She realized being Transformed at the Root begins with learning to love your scars; not the behavior of others.  Just like Ms. Clara had poured out her heart, Liz was now able to pour an even more viable oil out of the pureness of her heart into someone else's life; which pleases the Lord!


We've been through much during these last THREE YEARS.  We've had seasons of having the intimate crevices of our emotions cleansed, the debilitation of our self-views reconfigured and the reintroduction of our self-inflicted selves to our God-created selves for the sole purpose of becoming TRANSFORMED at the ROOT for divine purpose!  WOW...

So, here we are with mixed emotions at the threshold of closure as Apostle “T” announces our December session will be the FINALE for this ST4W format!  We'd been poured into repeatedly, intimately and intricately for three years and now it was time to POUR OUT the benefits of being CRUSHED.  We're being afforded an opportunity to LEAK out for another’s benefit.  In our moment of bitter sweetness, we were engulfed in the revelation of a prophetic voice as she uttered these words "Many came and didn’t finish their transformation, but for those who did, there is an oil, a unique anointing that will flow through the lives of those who chose to endure the process of being TRANSFORMED at the ROOT.” 

In essence, our journey was simply the daily processing of our willingness to experience another level of our ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION IN CHRIST!


Monday, August 01, 2016
                            "AUGUST SESSION RECAP"

In Exodus 13:21 which states, “And the Lord went before them by day in a pillar of cloud to lead the way, by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so as to go by day and night”, the Israelite's made their way to the Promise Land, day and night by way of a “GLORY CLOUD.”  A “GLORY CLOUD” is associated with God’s Glory, the physical manifestation of God’s Presence.  When a “GLORY CLOUD” is experienced, it manifests unspeakable joy, through singing, dancing, and shouting. 

On August 20, 2016, the GLORY CLOUD” filled the room with an indelible impression upon our minds, souls, and spirits.  We began to sing along with a strong conviction to the words of the gospel song “THIS MEANS WAR.”  Everyone was noticeably in sync with the Spirit because the war cry was personal!  As our spirits became settled and conducive to the atmosphere, we began to engage in conversation about the profitability of our past failures.  Much like Joseph, we too have grovelled with what others could gain from our pitfalls and the repetitiousness of our many unprofitable failures. 

Well, it wasn't until we were reintroduced to the Sistahs Martha and Mary during their seemingly inharmonious discourse with Jesus, the ONE TRUE TRANSFORMER that we learned authentic transformation is profitable for ALL!

Luke 10:38-42

In order to better understand the imperativeness of being STRATEGIC in our prayer life, our Prayer Strategist, Apostle "T" recapped three thought-provoking questions from our June's session (see JUNE SESSION RECAP) about Martha and Mary.  

WAR ROOM:  The Movie

Now postured to be empowered and not entertained, our Prayer Strategist introduced the movie “WAR ROOM by stating the  fortification of our BATTLE PLAN would be seen through the infusion of the principles from the everyday life of the movies characters. 

She reiterated our focus should be on the offensive strategies (boxing in of the enemy through a forced counter-attack in an expedient abortion of his mission).  Not just a movie, but a spiritual practicum  which allowed us to acquire knowledge about the opposing enemy forces along with acknowledging the forces within (strengths, weaknesses, training, and guidance).  We were encouraged to take a more proactive approach towards discerning the THREE  STRATEGIC assaults of the enemy on our prayer lives:

The seriousness of the enemy’s attack

The specificity in which he relentlessly attacks us

The power of a strategic counter-attack


 In the movie “WAR ROOM”, we saw the powerful and crafty attacks of the enemy.  “The thief does not come except to steal, to kill, and to destroy.  I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).  His mission was to steal the joy and hope, to  annihilate the marriage and family unit of Liz, Tony, and Danielle.  So much of our existence is shattered due to spending too much time fighting against one another without realizing the real enemy.  Liz and Tony’s marriage was being torn apart by circumstances (weakness, rejection, pride, control, and fear).  Unfortunately, they were led down a road of just existing, instead of enjoying and living in peace with one another.

A turning of the tide began when Liz met God’s conduit, Ms. Clara.  Ms. Clara opened up Liz’s eyes and awakened her spirit to what a strategic counter-attack could accomplish not only in her marriage but the entire family unit.  You see, the enemy cannot be conquered in flesh (emotionalism), for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but are mighty through God; we must put on the full armor of God!  Ms. Clara's assignment was to teach Liz how to properly wear the whole armor of God at ALL times.  Why?  Because the armor extinguishes, obliterates, and diffuses every weapon the enemy hurtles towards us!  Although we WIN, however, VICTORY is achieved when PRAYER coupled with faith is our #1 arsenal! You see, Satan's battle plan to see us PASSIONLESS, POWERLESS, and PRAYERLESS has not changed, however, we have the arsenal for an ineffable counter-attack.

James 5:16 says “Confess your trespasses to one another and pray for one another that you may be healed.  The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”  1 Thessalonians 5:17 says “Pray without ceasing.”  Liz, Tony, and Danielle began to see the contagiousness of PRAYER in their lives when their standards were raised and they began to fight the real enemy and not each other

Upon conclusion of the movie, Apostle “T” rendered instructions and thought-provoking questions to ponder upon.  She reiterated when we inquire of the Holy Spirit, there will be the intimate revelation and divine direction released in the answering of and obedience to the instructions.

      1. Identify the individual who most resembles you in the movie.

      2. Identify one major scene which has been your reality.

      3. Allow the Lord to speak to you regarding how you are to move to the next place in your life.

      4. Who do you need to be praying for that you are the lifeline for?

      5. Who have you been fighting against that is the wrong person?

      6. Who do you need to ask for their forgiveness?

      7. Who do you need to invest in?


 Our Prayer Strategist concluded our battle briefing session with these encouraging points:

      • The only way to get out of the box is to help someone else get out of their box. 

      • Don’t be settled with just getting me, myself, and I out.

      • Raise up a standard!  What are you requiring of yourself and from others?

      • This is “THE YEAR OF BIRTHING”, which means transformation.  Make a declaration “I no longer look like I used to” and “I am no longer where you left me!”


Remember, our Commander-in-Chief JEHOVAH-GOD will not allow us to be IGNORANT of the devil's devices, however, the wrong ARSENAL against the wrong ENEMY is WORTHLESS! Know your enemy and his weaponry when strategizing a BATTLE PLAN for your COUNTER-ATTACK!


Friday, July 01, 2016
                            "JUNE SESSION RECAP"

In pursuit of remaining SERIOUS and SPECIFIC about our prayer life, the steadfastness of our caring for, the nurturing and protecting of our spiritual seeds has cost us much!  Although there still remains much pushing to be done we were admonished by our Spiritual Processor, Apostle “T” to pace ourselves in order to properly embed our seeds even further into the crevices of our spiritual wombs for the newly planting of the seed which teaches us how to be STRATEGIC!

MARTHA AND MARY- - Luke 10: 38-42

“Now it happened as they went that He entered a certain village, and a certain woman named Martha welcomed Him into her house. And she had a sister called Mary, who also sat at Jesus’ feet and heard His word.  But Martha was distracted with much serving, and she approached Him and said, “Lord, do You not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Therefore tell her to help me.” And Jesus answered and said to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.”

 Apostle “T” meticulously utilized the lives of Martha and Mary as a backdrop for our becoming STRATEGIC as it relates to prayer.  The three-prong thought-provoking questions caused us not only to examine Martha's intentions but the root cause of Mary's actions.  

1. What was Martha’s problem with Mary?  Martha resented Mary’s ability to unequivocally prioritize her priorities.  Martha was busy, being busy; doing absolutely nothing.  We can find ourselves doing a whole lot of good things, but not necessarily doing the God thing.  Martha was getting the good china, the gold eating utensils, frying the chicken, pouring sparkling cider in the guest glasses, while her biological sister, Mary had the nerve to sit herself over by Jesus. Are you serious Mary?  Oh, contraire!  Mary had not just sat down in a regular seat, she wasn’t being lazy, nor was she trying to get next to a celebrity.  Mary had strategically postured herself to hear, to listen, and to receive with SPECIFICITY a word from the WORD.

2. WHAT WAS MARTHA'S PROBLEM?  Martha was consumed by the spirit of  WORRY (a/k/a  TRUST deficit). The word of  the Lord came to show us that "Our inconsistency in prayer doesn’t always stem from our petitions to the Lord, but rather our unwillingness to expose the truth about how we genuinely feel about prayer.  Oftentimes, like Martha, we are betwixt when it comes to our prayer lives.  Are we really praying out of  DUTY or DESIRE!

3. WHAT WAS MARTHA'S PROBLEM REALLY ABOUT?  Martha had an unwillingness (unlike Mary) to bring herself as a sacrifice of time to the Lord.  Here we see Jesus intricately introducing the LAW of  PRIORITIES by CLARIFYING that He was to be the most important activity (not the chicken, china, or making sure the house was straight).  Jesus was explicating the difference between DUTY and DESIRE, however, Martha unaware was busy being consumed by the spirit of WORRY (Matthew 6: 25-34)!  In conjunction with our recent Bible Study on “CONFRONTING THE SIN OF WORRY,” we learned in the natural, WORRY means is a troubled, uneasy, distressed feeling, which causes anxiousness, apprehension or uneasiness.  In other words, causes one to become troubled over what MIGHT happen; not what is happening . So that we might further understand the hideousness of worry, a more in-depth definition of worry was rendered as meaning to divide, to tear, to rip apart, to pull in the opposite direction, to be TORN APART BY CIRCUMSTANCES.  You see, Martha was preoccupied with the getting instead of responding to God’s giving.  
4. DUTY or DESIRE.  DUTY is defined as something that one is expected or required to do., as oppose to DESIRE means to want, to long for, to wish for, to crave for.  Jeremiah 29:13 says “And you will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart”.  So, when we SEEK Him we'll FIND Him, right?  Absolutely NOT!  Regardless of one's spiritual condition, this passage of scripture makes it CLEAR that when we seek Him with ALL our HEART, only then will we FIND Him!  You see, the promise is NOT predicated upon our works of the FLESH, but rather the ATTITUDE (authentic DESIRE) of our hearts.  Like Martha, many of us have not learned to TRUST the God who had TRUSTED us with EVERYTHING.   Over the past three years, there are many, many areas we have grown in, however, God is ready to take us to higher heights and deeper depths.  He wants us to know that those remnants that we have been struggling with remain because we have not allowed Him to expose it. Are we PRAYING out of DUTY or DESIRE?  Mary DESIRED Jesus and Martha DESIRED DUTY. Let’s be real if we want to crossover into the next level of God’s dimension for us!  

We sometimes make comments to God, saying, “God I feel like you are not here, I feel like you can’t hear me, or I don’t understand what’s going on.”  WELL!  When you seek Him with your whole heart, which equates to being transparent with God -- I am here right now out of DUTY, I am a hot mess God.” we'll find Him listening.  Psalms 37:4 says, “Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you your heart’s desires.” How do we delight in the Lord?  We start by when we become frustrated not scolding ourselves but simply trusting Him and receiving His peace which surpasses ALL understanding.  Next,  slow down your pace of everyday living.  Finally, enjoy and receive the fullness of His Presence by allowing yourself to be quiet in mind while in His Presence.  Isaiah 30:15 “In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”  God is DESIRES to commune with us in PRAYER.  When we hurriedly get up from PRAYER , God is saying to us, (with a sad face), “But I want to talk to you, why won’t you stay and talk to me, I have an answer for you, I know you have exercise class, I know you have to get to work, however, if I am He who created time, can’t I slow time down for you?” 


What is our STRATEGIC plan?  No more of trying to fit God in!  Don’t find time, God is time, so make time!  The word of the Lord came that we might understand that “We are to prioritize by beholding Him as the Lamb of God, the Son of David, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and place Him daily in the posture of Christ, the Hope of Glory, the head of our lives, for He is the ONLY qualified One to sit on the throne of our hearts.  Absolutely, He will not be in first place. He should not have to compete with anything or anyone , period!  We don’t like to compete for another’s love or time, so why should the Master, when He has given us His ALL!  “Yet when we were sinners, Christ died for us.” 

We were given a STRATEGIC plan for the next 30 days as follows:

1. Bring the Lord your most precious commodity; the sacrifice of your time.

2. Glorify Him by delighting yourself in enjoying Him during your time of solitude.  

3. SEEK Him ONLY when you DESIRE to be with Him only.

Our posture should be indicative of repentance in our conformity of being like the Martha’s of the world (DUTY bound) and not like Mary in the SPIRIT (DESIRE driven).  You see, DUTY will have you hearing, however, DESIRE will cause you to have been heard.  Don’t miss this point.  Jesus was right there!  He was there in Martha’s house, in the flesh and she missed him.  “Greater is He who is in Me , than He who is in the world.” We are so quick to put Martha down, but are we any different?  Oftentimes we are not receiving answers to our PRAYERS , causing us to run to PRAYER lines, run to the phone instead of the throne, seeking advice when all we really need to do is to sit down somewhere and seek and delight in the Father!  It is apparent that we stand in need of the answer(s), so why not go to the ONE who has the answer, the ONE to whom we already house, the ONE who already resides in me.  He is the WONDERFUL COUNSELOR!  
God’s purpose for being in Martha’s house was to clarify that clarity of HEART will always produce clarity of MIND when you SEEK the ONE TRUE CLARIFIER for the ANSWER!  If we were to push the rewind button of missed or blocked answers from God, we would see clearly that we have operated out of rigidity and intellectual reasoning instead of DESIRE.  


THE YEAR OF BIRTHING is the preparing of our spiritual wombs for the harvest.  The time is winding down and it is getting closer to us coming full term in Christ.  When a woman is ready to give birth there is a heightened presence of attentiveness to what is growing inside of her (the kicking, turning, pushing and pressure).  God is bringing us to that same place of BIRTHING, where we need to become more attentive so that when the time comes to PUSH, we do not end up having spiritual miscarriages due to the deformity of our prayer lives. 

We need to be attentive to the posture of prayer, not just the act of praying but the action of desiring and seeking intimacy with Him.  Our Spiritual Processor has done what God has asked of her and now it is up to us to do our part, which means we must follow the instructions.  Don’t just become hearers of the Word, but become doers of the Word out of a DESIRE!  We don’t want to roam to and fro  doing a bunch of nothing and risk missing our divine due dates,  

In other words, in order to be VICTORIOUSLY effective with our TRIPLE THREAT BATTLE PLAN, we must be SERIOUS, SPECIFIC, and STRATEGIC about our prayer life!

Remember, the YEAR OF BIRTHING is no CLICHE' for the enemy is REAL and he seeks to rewrite the ETERNAL writer of your souls BATTLE PLAN for your life; but we KNOW that's not HAPPENING!


Sunday, May 01, 2016
                            "APRIL SESSION RECAP"

There is a popular Christian song entitled “This Means War”, by Pastor Charles Jenkins whose Armageddon-like declinational lyrics to the adversary are vocalized through a deafening harmonic chorus which says "No matter the attack, I won't turn back.  This means WAR!...You can't have my family, you can't have my increase, you can't have my breakthrough. This means WAR!"...However, mid-way when it becomes personal, the words change and it sound something like this...."You can’t have my ministry, you can't have my business, you can’t have my renewed mind, and you can't have any of my BIRTHINGS! This means WAR!  In other words, Apostle's opening statement unequivocally resonated the sentiments of This means WAR! and castrated any and all doubt about her assignment, which was to strategically navigate us through the process of being equipped and empowered to handle the BIRTHING process of attaining God's promises for our lives through prayer!


In order for us to fully appreciate where we were going in 2016, our Spiritual Processer recapitulated our journey over the last THREE YEARS.  We were “HEALED WITHOUT SCARS” in 2013, “UNWOUND AND DELIVERED” in 2014, and “TRANSFORMED AT THE ROOT” in 2015. The four-pronged process of becoming “TRANSFORMED AT THE ROOT caused us to confront our willingness to confront the unconfronted.  To ask the question were we willing to move pass our disappointments and regrets and to become disciplined and deliberate  in our pursuit; ALL at a cost.  We had to become determined through our obedience.  We had to become dedicated through our willful intention, which taught us to remain steadfast even when our situations remained unresolved.  Lastly, we had to relinquish other people's control over our lives, which led to the conclusion that TRANSFORMATION was not contingent on the action of others, but rather based on our own actions.  It had nothing to do with them, but everything to do with us. 

Our Spiritual Processer stressed that preventative care starts with a BATTLE PLAN that is  SERIOUS, SPECIFIC, and STRATEGIC -- the triple threat for viable Birthings!  In other words, we don't have the luxury of playing nice with prayer, especially if we are seeking change.  As long as prayer remains cumbersome, an afterthought or a formality, it will never produce a formidable change. 


The operative word for each session is “BIRTHING “ and Apostle “T” would be highlighting the imperativeness of  both the natural and supernatural in our battle strategies, so we could be postured to properly give birth. 

The purpose of 2013, 2014, and 2015 was to bring us to a point of preparation of our spiritual wounds to receive the spiritual semen of PRAYER.  Just like in the natural, a woman must be postured to receive the semen.

     Apostle “T” needed to lay down some foundational principles in order to promote successful births. God said, “Like a natural birth a viable fetus is a byproduct of having been nurtured in an environment conducive to the targeted result, which is, that the baby would be born.”  In the supernatural, as it relates to THE YEAR OF BIRTHING, the strategicness of one’s prayers determines whether or not the seeded petition will be birthed properly.  Just because we get on our knees with our seeded petition and speak it out of our mouths, does not mean we have properly positioned it to enter and become incubated and yield the intended result.  We tend to be all over the place with prayer.  Our Spiritual Processor supplied three targeted strategies to ensure that when we are praying our seeded petition enters properly, connects with the semen of God, and as a result is properly birthed. 


It is key when we pray about the places where we seriously suspect the enemy is at work in our lives.  That’s how we stay focused.  We are praying over here and the enemy is attacking us over there.  Apostle “T” posed a question, “What are the area(s) that you believe the enemy is targeting the hardest in your life?”  Whatever is frustrating you, worrying you, or causing impossible demands to be placed on your life, that's where the enemy is attacking you. There are three components for prayer and if we leave them out we might as well cancel praying.  We were admonished to approach God in prayer faithfully, personally, and punctually. Write your prayers down so you don't forget who the real enemy is, remember the One whom our real hope is in, our real needs and dependencies are upon and never forget to record how God has responded. This allows us to go back and see just where God has brought us from.

Apostle “T” shared a BIRTHING revelation from the Lord which says "The reason why there are so many spiritual miscarriages within the body of Christ, is because they are not properly birthed through prayer or we are not allowing the seed of our  petitions to be pushed through the spiritual wound, which is necessary to be viable."  Our BIRTHINGS will rip us and tear us, in other words, it will cost us something again!”

PROPER WEAPONRY (Target #2) -- Ephesians 6:11-19

Is it not an incontrovertible truth that in prayer we gain strength?  Are we not given   the power to gird ourselves with armor that extinguishes, obliterates, and diffuses every weapon the enemy hurls our way. The two primary areas the enemy vehemently targets  are our weaknesses and vulnerability.  No doubt, his modus operandi is to look for opportunities to steal, kill, and destroy!

Apostle “T” shared another BIRTHING revelation from the Lord which says “We are too busy trying to have ritual victories while wearing physical weaponry.  That’s why we end up defeated in certain areas of our lives." 

(Target #3)

We need to know his tactics.  He comes the same way but the intensity may be different.  We know that prayer has the power to deploy, activate, and fortify.  The enemy’s #1 tactic is to dissuade and disarm us by putting a distaste for prayer in our mouths.  Make no mistake, he wants to see us PASSIONLESS, POWERLESS, and PRAYERLESS.  He knows without it, we are defeated. 

The effective , passionless prayer of a righteous man  avails much.  No, that is not what the Bible says.  Prayer is the most powerful arsenal we have coupled with our faith.  He does not come for your jewelry, doesn't care if you sing in the choir, attend Bible study, or if you can quote scriptures. What he cares about is your PASSION for the Word. 

When polled a diverse group of women responded to being asked "What area(s) are you most attacked in?”  by listing these top 10 strategies of the enemy:

  1.  He comes against your passion(Ephesians 6:10-20)
  2.  He comes against your focus (2Corinthians 11:14)
  3.  He comes against your identity (Ephesians 1:17-19)
  4.  He comes against your family (Genesis 3:1-7)
  5.  He comes against your confidence (Revelation 12:10)
  6.  He comes against your calling (Joshua 14:8)
  7.  He comes against your purity (Isaiah 59:1-2)
  8.  He comes against your rest and contentment (Deuteronomy 5:15)
  9.  He comes against your heart (Hebrews 12:15)
  10.  He comes against your relationship (1 Timothy 2:8)


The SPECIFIC targeted strategy of the enemy that God wanted  us to deal with first, was PASSION. To counteract some of the enemy’s SPECIFIC strategies or in the natural prevent any complications, we were armored with the acronym PRAY.

P (PRAISE) – Thanksgiving is one of the important aspects of our praise.  It should be threaded throughout our prayers to regard gratitude to God for who He is and for what He has already done.

R (REPENTANCE) – We are not praying properly or giving birth properly if we do not expect in prayer to expose ourselves.  We should expect our prayers to expose areas that we are still resisting God in.  It is the courage to trust Him, to turn to Him, and to walk in His direction.  If you fall don't get in condemnation. Get up with the realization that you are carrying babies, purposes, and truth in your belly for someone else. 

A (ASK) – We sing the song, "He’s Intentional".  If God is intentional and He is, then we make our request, should we not be personal and ask with specificity?  There is no need to beg when we come before the Lord.  Matthew 7:7 says “Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you.”  What's the problem, God is always expecting us! 

Y(YES) – I have a belly full of YES and that is the posture we should stay in.  All of God’s promises are "yea and amen" according to 2 Corinthians 1:20

God does not want us to be ignorant of the devil’s devices.  Don't allow him to dim our passion or to dull our interest in spiritual things.  Fervent prayer is what fuels our PASSION with faith and fire.  It's the fire of the Holy Spirit deep down in my belly that is full of “YES I CAN”. The enemy wants to take the fervor out of our passion so he can cause us to walk around with a spiritual limp and lengthen our recovery time.  He wants to inevitably get us to a place of quitting, which equates to being PASSIONLESS, POWERLESS, and PRAYERLESS.

This is the core of THE YEAR OF BIRTHING!  Whenever you can't seem to respond to spiritual stimuli with the same optimism, confidence, and obedience like you once did, we always seem to attribute it to our bad character, whereby causing us to fall into condemnation.  Have you ever asked yourself why do we get like this?  The Lord said, “Did we ever consider the less noticeable but equally probable reason is that we have been a victim of demonic sabotage.”  Our enemy is real(witches, warlocks, principalities of darkness). “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” These assignments are sent to dim, sabotage, and to make us feel like we are not spiritual enough.  It is done with precision and detail. Why? Because there is something in our bellies that’s alive, that if it is given birth to, it will shut that assignment down and be able to give life to many.  God wants us to understand that we are walking around with a belly full of viable fetuses that the enemy wants nothing more than to abort.  Don't get it twisted, the enemy is not part time, he is full time.  Satan condemns us for the purpose of destroying and humiliating.  Our Spiritual Processer equipped us with the definitions of conviction and condemnation so we would be able to identify quickly the enemy's tactic.

CONDEMNATION:  Always leads to guilt laden discouragement.  How do I identify that?  It will always, always cause us to focus on self.

CONVICTION:   Oftentimes it is painful in pointing out our wrong doings. Sometimes we don't like that, we tend to feel some kind of way, however, it will always convict us.  It will always encourage us, lift us up, and always give you hope to rebuild.  The Holy Spirit always convicts us out of love, which points us to the grace and empowering mercy of Christ. 

 Apostle “T” shared revelation from God according to 2 Corinthians 12:9 and Isaiah 30:15 NLT) “In God’s sight, those very same weaknesses that the world judges us about are the very reason for our purest worship and gratitude.” There are some things that need to be BIRTHED in our lives, however, until we are revitalized (to give new life or give vigor to) through PRAYER , nothing will come forth properly.  We might say to ourselves, I am good in this place. I feel as though I am in the will of God. When we get this comfortable, we are no longer in His will.  God is always moving and forever evolving. “To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” We have it all wrong. We think the season is supposed to be going on and on and on.  The season has a time and when that season is up God is trying to move you into a higher dimension. 

 God did not want to leave us where we were. He allowed us to push just a little bit more, so we could be transitioned into another dimension.


I recall Bishop-Elect Michael saying “You don’t prepare for war at wartime, you prepare for war at peacetime”  Our Spiritual Processer immediately moved us into our final stage of battle planning.  The purpose of a battle plan is so we can get serious about paying attention to the enemy’s tactics.  She expressed that the specificity of prayer is vitally important to every facet of the unfertilized seed!  In other words, be SERIOUS and SPECIFIC in your posture then add the last link of the TRIPLE THREAT to your arsenal  which is be STRATEGIC!   When the proper copulation of the seed and the semen of God have penetrated the spiritual boundaries of the enemies camp through the fervency of our petitions, it is here when supernatural breakthroughs are BIRTHED, healing is BIRTHED, passion is BIRTHED and destiny is BIRTHED properly!

In order to make certain, there were no lingering infectious participles from our former umbilical cords, we were asked several questions during our battle plan discussion about some of the potential dangers of not keeping the walls of our spiritual walls clean. 

What area(s) do you seriously suspect the enemy is targeting in your life?

What area(s) is God instructing you to focus on in prayer more strategically?

What are those thing(s) or area(s) that God is working on simultaneously in your life right now?

We were lead by the Holy Spirit to confront the viability of our birthing canal and the toxicity of our complacent and sometimes non-expectant postures in prayer then released to ruminate intimately and strategically.  No doubt the atmosphere was different, but more importantly, our temperature gauge was on a higher frequency more fervently in sync with the Spirit!

In 2016, "This Means War" should not be a cliché' but a spiritual mantra targeted towards regaining your Passion, your Power, and your PRAYER LIFE! 


Tuesday, March 01, 2016


On Saturday, February 20, 2016, the room became filled with an unveiling presence.  Each woman exuded a glow from the impregnation of the Father.  It was clear that our existence communicated a unanimous affirmation of being ready to begin the process of giving birth.   Our midwife, Apostle “T" came forth proclaiming 2016 as “THE YEAR OF BIRTHING. We were asked to become consumed with our birthing process. To throw it up on someone each and every day.  Say it loud and proud “I am pregnant.”  Our births were not just limited to ministries, but inclusive of birthing businesses, finances, and new mindsets.  Apostle “T” articulated that because this year was so different and unique, a new format was implemented.  It was not going to be business TRANSFORMATION as usual.  In 2016, God was not going to give our authenticated selves a point of reference.  We would have to set the tone ourselves in our families, on our jobs, our marriages and most importantly, within our minds. Now having stated that she unequivocally forewarned us that it would cost each of us something far greater than ourselves!

Before moving forward, we were afforded an opportunity to reflect upon the transformative GRACE afforded us during our three-year journey from 2013-2015.  It was through the profundity of our spiritual midwife's thought-provoking words that we each gasped for air as we pondered upon the truth that in order for us to TREASURE where we are GOING, we must first APPRECIATE where we CAME from.   

2013 - Healed Without Scars:  We had to first identify and confront the baggage in our own lives in order dismantle the toxicity of other folks unsubstantiated opinions.  In other words, before we could be transparent and not condemned by people (feeling like everything required an answer), we needed to first learn to be intimately comfortable with unmasking before God in His presence. 

2014 - Unwound and Delivered:  This phase was strategically designed to assist us in deciphering the root of our entangled surface issues and fears.  In this phase, we systematically addressed the DISentanglement of our minds/emotions, the DISengagement of our actions and the UNtwisting of our hearts.  In other words, the identifying of the PERPETUALITY of a STRONGHOLD and the diverseness of realms of RUMINATABLE thoughts and conversations habitually REWINDING within one’s mind through controlling and captivating ideas and imaginations that oppose the character and integrity of God.  It mirrored the comfortability of our stagnate state and how we had become so comfortable with our scars, to the extent where we allowed them to become badges in our lives, whereby necessitating the unraveling of the damage perpetuated in our lives. 

2015  - Transformed at the Root:  No longer were we going to merely  deal with change because the idolization of change makes it optional to go back.  In short, change is always temporal absent being committed to the transformation, through the eradication of any traces of residue; confronting the un-confronted.  Over the course of the year, God allowed us to proceed using a four-pronged process.  It began with us having a desire, a craving from the utter core of our being. We needed to be willing to move past our disappointments and regrets along with being disciplined and deliberate in our pursuit of transformation.  Contrary to the cliché' "practice makes perfect" God wanted to engrain in us His truth which is practice does not make perfect, it makes us better. 

In 2015, we had to become determined (to bring to a state of order through obedience).  No matter what, we need to be resolved not to change our stance.  Whenever we fell down, we had to get back up on  purpose and follow through with our obedience.  Did it get lonely during this time?  Yes!!!  Through our monthly sessions, we were taught how to remain committed to our unresolved situations.  Finally, we had to exemplify a wilful relinquishment of another’s control over our lives.  In this area, God needed us to come up higher and surrender those areas to Him.  During our final moments of reflection, we had a WOW moment.  We acknowledged there were actually moments in our journey where we were ready to walk away from the Lord, or so we thought.  There were overwhelming moments when we thought we would not make it through the process.  But God!  Upon concluding our reflective moment, we each gazed around the room simply in awe of where God had Healed our Scars, Unwound and Delivered our emotions and Transformed at the Root our scars up until right now! 

Now and right now the "Year of Birthing" was being imposed as our spiritual midwife posed the question “how many of you want the devil and his plans to go back to hell?”  It was now time to rumble!  Apostle “T” fervently gave us our battle plan for the "Year of Birthing - PRAYER.  She was not going to teach us how to pray, what to pray, or tell us what prayer is or is not, but rather her assignment is to help us build an intimate battle plan for the maintaining of our transformation.  You see, the strategizing of one’s prayers determines whether or not the seeded petition will be birthed properly.  In other words, when a seeded petition in prayer doesn’t enter in properly and connect with the semen of God that has already been ejaculated in our spiritual wombs, it will not give birth to what needs to come forth.  So many times this occurs in our lives, where the seed of prayer does not properly hook up with the semen of God and nothing happens. 

Too often because the seed of prayer is not properly implanted, the fruition of the petition inevitably results in multiple spiritual miscarriages.  As long as prayer remains burdensome, cumbersome, an aftermath, a formality, or something we purpose to do and really don’t do and something we very rarely do with confidence, vitality, and clarity, we will continue to have these spiritual miscarriages.  God said “there are a lot of my followers walking around with dead babies in their wounds and they don’t have a clue as to why the secret petition has not manifested, let alone the culprit behind its spiritual deformity." God is saying “there are some things that I have been holding back that you need to give birth to and the enemy knows that your seed has not hooked up with God's spiritual semen.”  We are quick to say that we have never had an abortion.  On the contrary, we should be very careful what comes out of your mouths.  The Lord showed our midwife that there are many of His children who have had spiritual abortions due to other people hanging onto their umbilical cords; illicit influences.  As God was trying to reel it in and one of them got in unaware.  It is important that we discern through prayer the difference between people who are simply attached, as opposed to being divinely assigned to your life.  Apostle "T" said that "what we endured in 2013, 2014, and 2015 was to undergird our battle plan while preparing our spiritual wombs for the spiritual semen of prayer.  In 2016, we have to be careful, mindful, and protective during the incubation process because once the battle plan for becoming SERIOUS, SPECIFIC, and STRATEGIC is revealed, we must be sober and vigilant in properly giving birth.  In short, this means war! 

Just like a natural birth, a viable fetus is a by-product of having been sustained in an environment conducive to the targeted result.  Let me give you an example:  we must eat right and live right in order to give birth to a healthy, strong baby.  It is no different in our pursuit to protect, care for, and nurture our spiritual seed. 

Apostle "T" showed us that in order to do "frontline battle" one must acknowledge and be familiar with the strategy of its opponent. In other words, you do not prepare for war at wartime, but rather during times of peaceful times.  In having said that, we were now ready for basic training in the execution of our targeted strategies while in pursuit of annihilating the potentiality of experiencing or encountering any more spiritual miscarriages.  Here are THREE targeted strategies in waging war against the enemies tactics through prayer:


Praying with precision (exactness) is key - We need to pray about the places we seriously expect the enemy is attacking in our lives.  That is where we keep our prayers focused.  Quote scriptures that deal with the specific areas you are dealing with (lust, finances, lying, masturbation).  Ask yourself the question, how do I get in the posture of praying?  What area(s) is the enemy targeting the most?  What defeats me the most?  What is making impossible demands on my life?  What frustrates me the most?  Begin to chronicling your prayers, so you will remember them.  Note what areas the enemy has been attacking you in.  Recall all of what God has done for you in 2013, 2014, and 2015.  James 5:16 (Amplified Classic Edition) The earnest (heartfelt) persistent, continued prayer of a righteous man or woman makes tremendous power available.  God wants us to know that prayer should not be looked upon as grievous but looks at it as a daily appointment (Ex. hair or nail appointment).  We tend to make sure we keep those appointments.  In fact, if something comes up causing us not to be able to make it to our appointment to get our wigs tight, we get an attitude.  Well, we should approach our appointment with the Lord of Lords and King of Kings with the same intensity.  When God gives a certain prayer time, make sure we keep it!  Keep in mind we don’t prepare for war during war time, we prepare for war during the peaceful times.  What God is wanting us to know in this YEAR OF BIRTHING, “I need you to be on time or arrive before the enemy gets there and even if you arrive after the enemy, I want you to already know that you have your seed and know how to hook it up with the spiritual semen that is already on the inside of you."  It is really about being faithful and obedient.  Most importantly, it is about being SERIOUS, SPECIFIC, AND STRATEGIC about your spiritual Birthings!


Proper Weaponry - When we put on our divine weaponry it gives us the power to gird ourselves against every weapon that the enemy uses.  Ask yourself would you dare walk out of your house butt naked even if you were endowed with a 36-24-36 body?  When we put on erroneous weaponry that is essentially what we are doing.  Proper weaponry is vital in the annihilation of the attacks of a cunning foe whose sole purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy, as he is prowling around to and fro. He will stare you dead in the eye and say to you “I come to steal your joy, kill your confidence, and destroy any residue to spark anything God has given you.”  Satan comes to look for weaknesses and vulnerability.  We are too busy attempting to have spiritual victories while wearing physical, fleshly weaponry ( our emotions). 


Familiarize yourself with the enemy’s arsenal - The real reason we pray is because our own solutions have failed.  When we realize that prayer deploys, activates or fortifies us against the attacks of the enemy, we become a force to reckon with in the spirit realm.  Stop being caught off guard and unprotected with your fickle emotions!  God gives us warnings, but we are too busy looking the other way or operating with our own agenda.  The enemies job is to dissuade and disarm us by putting a distaste for PRAYER in our mouths.  He wants to see us PASSIONLESS, POWERLESS, and PRAYERLESS.  Please do not get this twisted, this is his Moda oper Andi!!!

In a survey conducted with a cross section of women from all walks of life, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds, although not all inclusive, these are the primary top 10 ways when attacked by the enemy most women encounter spiritual miscarriages: 



2.   FOCUS




6.       CALLING

7.    PURITY


9.    HEART


Ironically, what resonated so heavily throughout the season was that we need to keep in mind that we have something the enemy is willing to kill, steal and destroy!  It's not that he is coming a different way, it's the same old way with except now we're being taught how to strategize, maximum and undergird our battle plans through the PRAYER! Let's be REAL clear, the prospect of you giving BIRTH to the vision, the promise or the inheritances of God will infuriate the kingdom of darkness and that my friend is the frontline POWER the enemy does not want you to obtain!

If you have not already REGISTERED you can reserve your space for the SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2016, Session TODAY! Remember, REGISTRATION is REQUIRED and there is a $20.00 REGISTRATION FEE for EACH session -- space is LIMITED. Also, please be reminded there is NO ONSITE REGISTRATION - NO EXCEPTIONS!

"Where Passion meets Compassion and Transforms at the Root"


Friday, January 01, 2016

                     "DECEMBER SESSION RECAP"

HOLLA, if you remember this song by Cyndi Lauper, "Girls Just Want To Have Fun."  It went like this:  "That's all they really want.  Some fun when the working day is done.  Oh girls, they want to have fun. Oh girls just want to have fun."

Can I tell you we had mad fun at our special year-end GIRLY GIRL SLUMBER CELEBRATION!  Each one of us charged through the door with fervent exhilaration, not wasting one minute to unpeel the day. The letting down of our hair, removal of our eyelashes, unbuckling of the bra, and the kicking off of the heels was part of our rite of passage.  It seemed only fitting to begin our night with celebrating each other's 2015 accomplishments. Our growth was evident as we giddily answered the icebreakers given to us by our Spiritual Host, Apostle "T". 

Once the Chat & Chew began and the icebreakers were introduced, we were afforded an opportunity to ruminate upon these thought-provoking, intimate and downright  hilarious life questions about ourselves:  (1) Are you comfortable or uncomfortable with your sexuality? (2) What was your most embarrassing moment while being out on a date? and (3) As a child, what or who did you fantasize the most about becoming?

Each of us had a chance to go down memory lane, as we reminisced upon the past. It was refreshing to see the little girl in each of us ooze out and to hear in our voices the unequivocal confidence of knowing I can no longer be found where I was left.  Then it happened, the DREAMER resurfaced validating the canvas we once drew upon and rekindling a fire whose embers simply needed fanning.  In that moment, many of us realized our dreams had not faded away, they were simply REALIGNED for PURPOSE and DESTINY!

Now, we were ready to turn it up Sisterhood style with dancing, singing, and good ole' fashion laughter! Upon completing our spiritual and very aerobic samba around the room, we chilled out by grabbing an array of our favorite snacks and delving into our movie for the night entitled "Not Easily Broken." While many of us had seen the movie, it became quite evident our lives were depictive of the leading roles more than we knew at one time or another.  Suddenly, a hush fell over the room as each of us reflected upon the victorious decimation over the last 12 months of our past trials, circumstances, and wounds. It was the profundity of hearing the Bishop say "SOMETIMES LIFE WILL TURN YOU UPSIDE DOWN IN ORDER TO TURN YOU RIGHT SIDE UP." that caused a ripple effect of emotions to cascade down within the core of our very being, whereby severing our caterpillar-like umbilical cord and loosing the butterfly within to soar!

It was life-altering to say the least to see Taraji P. Henson portraying the pseudo-perfect wife who wanted her husband, Morris Chestnut to be the perfect man. It was surreal, to see our unrealistic perspective played out before our eyes and liberating to confront our own untruths.  Hmm...so who are we the imperfect to demand the perfection of another? 

It was at this juncture, Apostle "T" posed the following questions...

  • Do you want to do things differently in 2016? Remember, fear is not always the culprit, often times it's simply that we lack the know how in embracing the process.

  • What in 2015 almost caused you to quit? In other words, a quitting spirit is not always necessarily contingent upon one's inability to do, but sometimes the absence of validation from others to be. 

In preparation of a profitable crossover into 2016, we were dared not only to ask  God for what we wanted but "how" we want it!  Can I tell you we wore ourselves out - our minds were racing a hundred miles an hour. As we were lulled in song into the wee hours of the morning by Carol Phillips and ministered to by various artists on CDs the inexpressible tears of joy and the ineffable treasure of laying intimately prostrate before the Lord set the tone for Sistah Marsha to take us behind the veil in prayer; naked and transparent before our KING!

It's Saturday mo'ning and although we've only had a few hours of sleep, the atmosphere remained conducive to a thirsting and panting for more.  The spiritual nourishing was plenteous, but thank God for the physical nourishment as well...I'm just saying!!!

In lieu of our Chat & Chew icebreakers, we were treated to a mini-teaching from Sistah Marsha entitled "PRAYING THE SCRIPTURES FOR YOUR FAMILY." She taught us the fundamentals of prayer and that the importance of change within our families begins with a prayer life that  FOCUSES on the family. It's an incontrovertible truth, as women, we sometimes find ourselves carrying the family in prayer because of the absence of a male. Yes, it is important to pray, however, it is just as important to know how to pray. When we see our family acting a certain way or going down the wrong path, it is not the time to judge but to pray!  We have the blood-bought right through Jesus to pray in the Spirit by the Spirit, who makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered for our families. When we want God to move on our behalf, we should speak to Him in our heavenly language

We were admonished to go straight to the Word; pray God's Word back to Him. Sistah Marsha reminded us to keep in mind that everything is either a life or death situation or a decision. Actions have consequences. Make a decision to do it and be serious when praying for your family because God does nothing in the earth unless we ask Him. In actuality, who else will pray fervently for your family, but you? If you don't who will?  One of the key elements of prayer is to see a change or expect results. She insisted that we never stop praying and not to tell everyone what you are praying for because others may pray against what you are asking from God.

In conclusion, Sistah Marsha disseminated a prayer card to aid in our prayers being purposeful which read James 5:16 " … The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." The PRAYER TARGETS outlined during the teaching were designed to: (1) to help guide our prayers in the right direction; (2) the importance of  CONFESSION of the WORD; and (3) to support our petitions with SCRIPTURE.    As a thumbnail,  Apostle "T" shared that prayer changes things when it is biblically based and accompanied with a speck-removal lifestyle followed with right motives and perspective. 

Our Spiritual host warned us that TRANSFORMATION is not enough in the crossing over into 2016. TRANSFIGURATION will have to accompany it and beloved know that it will certainly cost you something!  In other words, if I can put my hand on the very same thing in 2016, then TRANSFORMATION has not taken place. God no longer wants us to be hindered in a particular area. He's speaking to His daughters to "Let me put MY balm on it.  Allow me to use the thing, person, condition or situation that wounded you unto MY Glory as a testament of His UNCONDITIONAL LOVE." We were provoked to embrace the incontrovertible truth that TRANSFIGURATION begins with TRANSPARENCY.

We concluded our year end Girly Girl Celebration with the introduction of our next year's theme which is 2016 TRANSFIGURATION - THE YEAR OF BIRTHING!  It's a choice. Do you want a selfie or to be selfless? Do you want people to see you or to see Jesus? In short, TRANSFIGURATION requires allowing God to deal with that ONE thing, as opposed to being MESSY and all over the place busy being busy but doing NOTHING!  We were told to gird up and saturate ourselves with prayer and to allow God in 2016 to TRANSFIGURE the one thing He desires to TRANSFORMS at the ROOT!

In 2016, it is not just about you. If God has done something for you in 2015, then you are obligated to do the same for someone else in 2016.  ST4W is for ALL women, no one is exempt, except if you are perfect. It is time to expose other women to TRANSFORMATION and TRANSFIGURATION. Let others have a chance to unmask, lay down their burdens, release the baggage, and feel beautiful and loved inside, as well as, the outside. Let this be your year of BIRTHING!

"Where Passion meets Compassion and Transforms at the Root"


Monday, November 30, 2015
                     "NOVEMBER SESSION RECAP"  

Business as usual, NOT!  ST4W on Saturday, November 21, 2015, was nothing of the sort.  God decided to mix it up a little.  Strait Talkin' to Street Talkin'!  Our Spiritual physician, Apostle "T", got the intellectual juices flowing with our thought provoking icebreaker.  "What do you love the most about being a woman?"  The answers flowed from simply taking delight in changing your shoes, which in turn changed your strut and the sway in your hips, to the shared inner strength that only seems to come out when you need it in life.  In answering the question, we could see and hear where we were and how far we had come in 2015.  However, God was not finished with us yet.  In fact, God did one better.  He placed a man in our midst.  Yes, that's right, a man.  God had jokes!  NEVER in the history of ST4W has there ever been a man within the sisterhood camp to deliver a Word from God.  At this point, we were all discombobulated.  It only took a few minutes to see that God meant business as He pulled out the big guns.  Without further delay, Apostle "T" introduced with fervor, Prophet Kenny Harrison, our Spiritual chauffeur. 

Prophet Kenny got straight to the point as he described the scenery of our minds.  He explained how people have said hurtful things to us in our past.  You are too skinny, too tall, too fat, too dark, too light, you are dumb, or you will never amount to anything.  These things have been downloaded in our heads and spirits and have caused us to be stagnant.  Prophet Kenny showed us that Satan's ultimate objective is to make each of us think we are not what or who God says we are in Him.  In prayer, the Lord revealed to Prophet Kenny, that some of us were stuck, unable to move forward in Christ.  He declared and decreed that if the Word of God was received on today, our lives would not be the same.  God, through His Spiritual chauffeur, was ready to take us to the SECRET PLACE.  An intimate place of mystery, something not known to man but revealed only by God.  We were awestruck to learn that access to the SECRET PLACE comes only through intimacy with God, which equates to having a covenant relationship with Him.  One of the greatest examples of a covenant relationship is the consummation of the marriage between a man and a woman.  In the Jewish culture, an arranged marriage involved the whole family.  In other words, a woman's virginity (after consummation) was visually confirmed by the awaiting family's inspection of the blood-stained sheets, whereby solidifying the hymen hadn't been broken prior to the marriage.  To which both as well as their families were now engaged in a covenant relationship.  It's an incontrovertible truth according to Psalm 91:1 which says "He that dwelleth in the SECRET PLACE of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty" - everything we have comes through covenant.  God sent His Prophetic chauffeur  to reiterate His desire for us to become more intimate with Him in order to birth what He has placed on the inside of us for others. 

There was a great release in the air.  Matthew 6:4-6 was our foundational scripture which says "Give your gift in private and your Father who sees everything will reward you.  When you pray, don't be like the hypocrites who have to pray publicly on the street corners and in the synagogues where everyone can see them, I tell you the truth, that is all the reward they will ever get.  But when you pray, go away to yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in private.  Then your Father who sees everything will reward you... And when you fast don't make it obvious as the hypocrites do, for they try to look miserable and disheveled so people will admire them for their fasting.  I tell you the truth, that is the only reward they will ever get.  But when you fast, comb your hair and wash your face.  Then no one will notice that you are fasting, except your Father, who knows what you do in private.  And your Father who sees everything, will reward you."

Seeing each of us perplexed within the corridors of our minds, Prophet Kenny released with such fluidity the THREE primary pathways to unequivocally accessing SCRIPTURALLY the SECRET PLACE

Giving, Prayer and Fasting

In our GIVING or ALMS, it requires a sacrifice.  The sacrifice will cost us something in our flesh, to go where God is.  What is our sacrifice?  What has God been asking us to give Him?  Is God asking you to join up with a church?  Where you are or are not is in direct correlation with who you are in covenant with.  Maybe God has been asking you to give a little bit more, to spend more time with Him, or to make your body a temple unto Him.  You see clarity comes through intimacy; the ability to hear and know the language of whom you are speaking.  Prophet Kenny explained it this way "What we need is where God is."

On PRAYER BOULEVARD, it requires a sacrifice of time.  We tend to go into God's Presence with a laundry list of desires and requests.  We get in and out, whereby leaving God unsatisfied because we've brought our performance pressures into our sacred space of communion.  In actuality, this type of behavior is likened unto in the natural to unfulfilled intercourse which equates to the absence of foreplay.  In short, the climactic presence of oneness has left the other emotionally ajar and physically hanging in the balance.  Prophet Kenny showed us that because of our infrequent dwelling within the SECRET PLACE many of our prayer request to God go unanswered.  Perhaps if we were to reevaluate our prayer postures we would understand the reason why we do not receive is because of Luke 18:18-23 and Matthew 6:21 which says "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."  Our treasures are those things which are precious to us, things we have stored up in our minds (good, bad or indifferent).  What is the very thing God is asking you to give up so He can give you the true desire(s) of your heart?  Is He asking you to leave the boy in your life so He can bring you the man (Mr. Boaz)?  Perhaps He is asking you to leave your church and cleave to a work in a non-traditional setting, but you are worried about what they (people, family, Church folk) might say.  No, you can't possibly leave the edifice you grew up in and obey God! 

FASTING will also allow you to enter into the SECRET PLACE.  It too is a sacrifice.  Fasting doesn't always involve food.  It can be the abstaining from social media, TV, a boyfriend, or even gossip.  What is God asking you to abstain from? Whatever it is, it will cost you.  Jesus had to go through hell in order to make it to heaven.  His cost was being murdered for the unlikeliest like you and me.

Our Spiritual chauffeur informed us that we were in the 11th month, which according to the Jewish calendar is symbolic of the "birthing month."  He proclaimed this Word as an incorruptible seed that God was going to use to inseminate those who wanted it.  The wall needed to be broken today in order for conception to take place.  Prophet Kenny announced there was a blockage ahead, but not to worry, the Great Physician was in the house to break open the womb and to shatter the hymen.  You see, you and I were never created to break the hymen, that's why God had to bring in a Spiritual Penetrator in order to inseminate, extract and propel us to our rightful posture in Him.  Unaware of the tightening and excavating of our crevices for destiny, Apostle "T" has methodically and faithfully prepared our wombs for ten months.  Now postured to receive the authorized semen, we were able to properly give birth to our destiny.

In great anticipation of UNMASKING, we were asked two questions: 

1.     Do you want your hymen broken?  This would allow the blood to wash everything that was UNHOLY out of our midst. 

2.     Who in your life is blocking your hymen from being broken? 

Once surrendered and TRUTH pierced the lips of our wombs, we were instantly impregnated with the spiritual semen for our respective destinies.  In short, we were TRANSFORMED AT THE ROOT and HEALED WITHOUT SCARS!

As Hebrews 12:1 states "Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us THROW OFF everything that HINDERS and the sin that so easily entangles.  And let us run with PERSEVERANCE the race marked out for us."

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"Where Passion meets Compassion and Transforms at the Root"


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ladies, you have heard the saying, "Ready for Take Off!"  ST4W was ready for takeoff and launched in Newport News, VA on Saturday, October 10, 2015, at 9:00 AM.  The Lord proclaimed STRAIT TALKIN' WITH PASTOR "T" as a Global vision many years ago.  Before the worldwide vision could be set into motion, God had to providentially orchestrate the right time and season, October 10, 2015!  Our Heavenly Father orchestrated the flight so much so, enabling us to cruise at an altitude of effortless success.  Let me explain.  Not once did it seem as if we were outsiders coming into the city of Newport News.  We felt at home from start to finish.

The session began with the unveiling of the captivating captain of the flight, Apostle "T".  The scholars were so mesmerized, to say the least, by her outward appearance; as they had no idea of the power that would flow from her vocal cords.  There was a thunderous sound as the skies and the heavens opened harmoniously and God's voice went forth in power and in a demonstration.  The Captain was now postured to teach us how to fly our personal aircraft by being cognizant of PATTERNS.  We learned PATTERNS are a combination of qualities, acts and tendencies whereby forming a consistent or characteristic arrangement.  

Before we could explore PATTERNS 1 - TRUST, we needed to take a closer look at "self."  Our foundational scripture Romans 12:2 "Do not conform to the PATTERN of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is - His good, pleasing, and perfect will"  propelled us to examine those dysfunctional areas of TRUST in our lives by acknowledging that TRUST means to confidently lean, rely and depend on.  The reason why the majority of us are unable to TRUST other women is because we do not authentically TRUST ourselves.  You see in order to move forward, one must embrace the simplicity of TRUSTING which is simply me loving myself enough to TRUST you.  In other words, "You cannot be where you need to be if you are unwilling to face where you are.  Life Coach and Minister, Iyanla Vanzant puts it this way, she says "comparison is " an act of violence against oneself."  The reason our TRUST toxins are fortified is because of our unwillingness to comprehend the truth - we cannot love another's flaws until we learn to love and appreciate at the root our own flaws; the imperfections, defects, and blemishes.  In actuality, Isaiah 61:3  which says "...to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes..." our flaws are what makes us distinctively beautiful for the restoration of others.

In order to TRUST our flaws of our past to God's mercy, and our present flaws to God's love and our future flaws to God's providential care, we must understand the three primary categories of a flaw (imperfections, defects, or blemishes):

1.      A Tragic Flaw is a secret weakness of character.

2.      Character Flaws are limitations, imperfections, problems, phobias or a personality defect which can affect the individual's social interactions or motives. 

3.      A Spiritual Flaw is a  weakness that affects the very nature of one's soul (mind, will, and emotion). 

Systematically throughout the cabin we were warned of the potentiality of  our inner turbulences being exposed; surface perfection for a show!   With our minds now gliding into a rocket-powered state our Captain systematically reveals that TRUST is simply the birthing place to better; if you want it!     

Following TRUST PATTERNS, our Captain eased us into PATTERN 2 -STRAINED AND BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS.  She defined STRAINED as something being done with or marked with excessive effort, forced and antagonized to the verge of open conflict - produced by effort, not natural, relaxed, or spontaneous.  Often times, when we memorialize our past, in essence, were are erecting idols whereby causing us to be incapacitated by our past pain, to which we are in denial.  Proverbs 10:18 (NKJV) says, "Whoever hides hatred has lying lips, and whoever spreads slander is a fool."  In short, our relationships remain strained and/or broken due to our comfortability to hang around people who simply tolerate us as oppose to celebrating our presence!  You see, the root cause of our comfortability is due to our being too busy (busy doing nothing) rushing our healing in order to appear to be properly recovered for others. In the profundity of our Captains' analogy, she likened it unto a flat tire.  Like a flat tire miles away, you cannot gauge whether it has adequate air or not.  In certain seasons, there will be people who recognize when you are not running at 100% and there are times when only you know just how damaged your rim has become.  Yet, in the midst of it all we keep moving (putting on face) knowing I've been severely punctured!  Consequently, it equates to the fact that "Bitterness has no boundaries and Regret punishes no one but self." 

Now if TRUST and STRAINED AND BROKEN RELATIONSHIP and  PATTERNS didn't cause a jet stream of emotions, PATTERN 3 - PEOPLE PLEASERS set the tarmac aflame!  If our wigs weren't glued on, sewn on, or pinned on, they would have definitely left the building.  PEOPLE-PLEASER or MEN-PLEASER (one who is solicitous to please men rather than to please God.)  When the relationship is one-sided, then "Houston we have a problem here."  We were provoked to thought to ruminate on the truth that "you can be genuinely misunderstood or fraudulently accepted, but you cannot be everything to everyone.  Not everyone will get you; learn to be alright with it.  In other words, the more in love you fall with yourself, the less acceptance you will need from others.  In Matthew 6:24 (NLT) which says "No one can serve two masters for you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other.  You cannot serve both God and money."  So, how do I know if I am serving two masters?  Our Captain made it crystal clear by saying "whenever you hesitate to obey God for fear of rejection, acceptance or affirmation from others (inner circle, church members, family, coworkers or spouse) you are serving two masters!  It's true! "The most feared person on the planet is the woman who does not require validation. 

Upon our embarking aircraft TRANSFORMATION ONE we were postured to be transported into the UNMASKING portal in preparation  of truthfully answering these three questions:

1.      Which of these three PATTERNS are you unhealed in?

2.      Is it the memorializing of STRAINED AND BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS?

3.      Am I unhealed and untransformed when it comes to PEOPLE PLEASING?

During this pivotal moment of transparency, we were admonished, to be honest, open, and transparent with ourselves.  It was either remain in bondage or become TRANSFORMATION AT THE ROOT by  allowing the Holy Spirit to expose the hidden in order for God to reveal what he intended for others to see - a fearfully and wonderfully made woman of God HEALED WITHOUT SCARS!

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"Where Passion meets Compassion and Transforms at the Root"


Saturday, September 19, 2015

                      "SEPTEMBER SESSION RECAP "   

On Saturday, September 19, 2015, the house was filled with women intimately seeking TRANSFORMATION through the eradication of former bonds in the "UNLOCKING UNAUTHORIZED SOUL TIES - Part 2."  Upon our arrival and to our surprise, we were greeted with a small black piece of ribbon with which we were instructed tie around the last two fingers on our right hand.  Unbeknownst to us, the beautifully tied bow would serve as an apparatus through which our comfortability with our soul ties would be exposed!    

There was a hush in the atmosphere that encapsulated each woman as she pondered the tiredness of looking, acting and accepting the redundancy of the past while expecting a different result.  As we neared unchartered waters, the potentiality of confronting the illicit access of our soul ties' was not only exhilarating but also frightening to say the least.  With ascalpel in hand, our spiritual surgeon, Apostle "T" methodically began piercing the deeply wounded walls of our crevices and treating the diseased remnants of our UNAUTHORIZED SOUL TIES

The session's foundational scripture was Genesis 21:8-11 coupled with a thought-provoking Mental Thought which propelled us to ponder an incontrovertible truth about Sarah.  Like Sarah, we too want to help God then call it FAITH.  Was it really about Hagar's son Ishmael mocking her son Isaac? Was it really about her not wanting the bondwoman's son being an heir with her son?  Was Abraham sorely grieved because Sarah demanded that he "cast out this bondwoman and her son" or had unseen intertwining taken place? 

As each women's face depicted a throng of thoughts, we gasped at the profundity from one of Bishop T.D. Jakes' teachings which Apostle "T" shared which stated "Sarah made the MISTAKE OF BELIEVING Abraham could spend such INTIMATE time with the bondwoman and NOT BECOME BONDED with the bondwoman."  Okay, close your mouth.....

It's at this juncture, that Apostle "T" reiterates the imperativeness of having a working knowledge of the defining parameters of a SOUL TIE.  Most of us have been erroneously taught to believe that SOUL TIES predominantly relate to sexual intercourse.  The Word of God states in Proverbs 4:7 that "....in all your getting, get UNDERSTANDING."  In short, the purpose of a SOUL TIE is to ENTER in and to RUN its COURSE! 


A spiritual connection between two people who have been physically intimate with each other; consensual or forced, or  who have had an intensely emotional or spiritual association.  An EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL or SPIRITUAL bond or connection that unites an individual to another through their souls.  In other words, a UNAUTHORIZED or UNHOLY SOUL TIE can serve as a bridge between two people to pass on demonic garbage. 

SOUL TIES (Sexual and Emotional).....

Sexual SOUL TIES fall into two groups: Godly intercourse (within the confines of marriage) or Ungodly intercourse (unholy and unauthorized;  pre-marital). 

Emotional SOUL TIES are broken into two groups: verbal intercourse (pillow talk) or visual intercourse (pornographic and subliminal eye penetration). 

As our spiritual surgeon carefully proceeded to dissect the two types of SOUL TIES sexual and emotional, she emphatically restated "intercourse is not always defined by physical penetration, but rather the ACCESSING  of for the sole purpose of ADJOINING demonic garbage to someone else. 

In cases of RAPE, INCEST, FORNICATION or ADULTERY an individual's SOUL inevitably becomes FRAGMENTED (breached) when SOUL TIES are not severed properly.  Every time access is GRANTED (voluntarily or involuntarily) a deep-rooted bond is created whether emotionally, psychologically, and/or spiritually. 

Let's talk about the deadliest SOUL TIE of them all which is the subtleness of OBSESSIVE ENTANGLEMENTS.  Unequivocally, unhealthy EMOTIONAL SOUL TIES are just as destructive as sexual ties, especially the kind of emotional ties that occur when people who are married have CLOSE friendship ties with members of the OPPOSITE SEX.  Bishop T.D. Jakes frames it in the light of it being "actually more probable that boundaries will be violated, with respect to sharing secrets, intimate details of vulnerability and the familiarity that goes along with exposing one's heart to another."  We were admonished by Apostle "T" to garner this truth around our necks and to shiver at the improbability of our being human.  In short, she stated that she shivers whenever someone says "there is NO way that their close friend - who is NOT their spouse could EVER be anything more than a friend."  Why? because she realizes that she's looking and listening to a person who will NOT be on their GUARD for INAPPROPRIATNESS!  Absolutely it does NOT apply to EVERY situation, however, it is applicable to EVERYONE; whether you agree or not. 

Whew!  We're now in CODE BLUE status and the only RESUSCITATING posture remaining is ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of our SOUL TIE(S).  Still adorned with a black ribbon around our fingers our PRE-UNMASKING dialogue began with a succession of questions.  We were systematically enlightened to the truth that the number one key to our COMFORTABILITY with our SOUL TIES is due to our UNWILLINGNESS to  acknowledge their unauthorized PRESENCE.  So we took a DEEP breath en route to DISMANTLING them of their power by TRUTHFULLY  answering these questions: 

Question #1:

What gateway have you given illicit access to something or someone?  Now that you know, how does it make you feel? 

Question #2:

Identify the course in which you were lead to engaging in the unsuitable behavior.  What part did you play in this? 

This ineffable identifying process allowed our gateways to no longer be unguarded.  We became cognizant of our SOUL TIES UNAUTHORIZED PRESENCE which in turn led to the ravenous suturing of our crevices.  In order for the UNMASKING to begin, we had to be honest with ourselves in allowing the Holy Spirit to help us answer truthfully:  (1)  How many UNGODLY SOUL TIES do you have?  (2) Why have these UNGODLY SOUL TIES remained in my life? 

One by one as the remaining residue of our torment was UNMASKED, we each RIPPED from our fingers and CATAPULTED the perverted beauty of the black ribbon (which was symbolic of our individual SOUL TIES) to the center of the floor.  Through scale REMOVED eyes, the ribbon was now SHRIVELED up; the COMFORTABILITY of it had now become a HIDEOUS site as we became unequivocally TRANSFORMED AT THE ROOT and HEALED WITHOUT SCARS!

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"Where Passion meets Compassion and Transforms at the Root"


Saturday, August 15, 2015

"AUGUST SESSION RECAP "                            

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!  I have to just "cut to the chase."  This lesson, NOT session on August 15, 2015, was so transformative that it brought Apostle "T" off her sabbatical.  This lesson was two-fold in that she was both preceptor and surgeon.  Her mission was to catapult us over something much wider and deeper than we could comprehend in our finite minds.  There was a whirlwind of gushing anticipation which catapulted our emotions into a incubated state as she divulged the subject matter of "UNLOCKING UNAUTHORIZED SOUL TIES".  The wind of the Holy Spirit was unrestrained while gentlemanly intimate as He blew into the tender crevices of our SOUL TIES. 

The teaching commenced with our foundational scripture being Genesis 21:8-11 coupled with defining UNAUTHORIZED as the illicit access of anything or anyone or when permission from the owner has not been granted.  This scripture captures a great example of a SOUL TIE in that it undoubtedly webbed Abram to Sarah and Abram to Hagar through the consummating efforts which resulted in the distinctively different births of Isaac (the promise) and Ishmael (the bonded one).  We became inebriated in the Spirit by the revelatory insightfulness spoken through God's conduit as we contemplated wrapping our brains around the profundity that like many of us, Sarah too  made the mistake of believing that Abram could spend so much time with the bondwoman and not become bonded to her over the course of nine months.  The methodical execution of her plans had now exacerbated the exposing of  her own insecurities.  You see on the surface it appears she merely wanted Abram to evict Hagar and their son Ishmael, however at the root, she needed him to emotionally disjoin himself  permanently from the woman she once permitted him to be adjoined.  Cocooned in utter silence, we attempted to ponder within ourselves the magnitude of how one can differentiate between a physical and emotional bond?  Are they one regardless of the complexities of our emotions or the absence thereof?  This was the very woman that she had given Abram permission to bond with.  Had Abram become distressed over the situation because of his son Ishmael or had he become emotionally bonded, not just semen connected?   In other words, when we find ourselves dismissing the connection on the surface, most likely it is because we are in denial at the root about the depth of our bonding.  It is a immutable truth that our Father is a jealous God and abhors the idolization of anyone or anything that threatens Him having preeminence in our lives.  So, when God begins excavating UNAUTHORIZED SOUL TIES the specificity of His request will most likely come in the form of a QUESTION.  "Abram, who told you to bond with Hagar?"  Sarah, I know your intentions were for Abram to bond with her in semen only, not realizing UNAUTHORIZED SOUL TIES when improperly severed have the propensity to emotionally un-bond a man or woman from their current or future spouse!  In other words, an UNAUTHORIZED entity according to Webster's Dictionary is the illicit access of anything or anyone who has not been granted permission from the owner! 

In our previous session, the presence of the Holy Spirit was invoked to come in and perform a spiritual blow-out of the things that were loose or hanging by a thread within us, however, this session required a spiritual scraping of the hidden (subliminal mindsets and emotions) within our crevices. 

Phase I of our TRANSFORMATION began with defining the realm in which SOUL TIES originate.  In defining the origin we must first understand that we are tri-part beings.  We are a spirit, we have a soul, and we live in a body.  Although our bodies are contacted with physical things our souls are contacted through words (mind, will, and emotions). Unlike our bodies and souls, the Spirit can only be contacted through the Word of God.  For instance, in the natural a surgeon will never perform an operation without premedication or reassuring you of the procedures successfulness.  Prior to making an incision, we were  given the necessary tools for defining a SOUL TIE.  A SOUL TIE is a spiritual connection between two people who have been physically intimate with each other, consensual or forced or who have had an intense, emotional or spiritual association.  An emotional, physical or spiritual bond or connection that unites an individual to another through their SOULS.  They also serve as bridges between two people in the passing or transference of demonic garbage.  Our spiritual  surgeon then meticulously dissected the two common types of SOUL TIES which are sexual and emotional. 

We learned during sexual intercourse our brains medically produce a chemical called dopamine.  This is the same chemical that feeds a gambling addiction or a chocolate fix.  Although not all inclusive, there are three relevant  categorical  components: 

  1. Godly sexual relations - marriage. 

  2. Ungodly acts - rape, fornication or adultery, which cause our SOULS to be breached when they are not severed properly. 

  3. Vows, commitments, and agreements - they are known to bind the SOUL

In Phase II of our TRANSFORMATION our spiritual surgeon dealt with our   emotional SOUL TIES.  This layer was the deadliest because of the subtleness of its inception.  Apostle "T" shared an intimate revelation she received many years ago from the Lord through Bishop Jakes which warns that "When people who are married have close friendships with members of the opposite sex and conflict arises, the spouse begins to look outside of the marriage for emotional support and stability.  He says, "it is actually more probable that boundaries will be violated with respect to sharing secrets, intimate details of vulnerability and the familiarity that goes along with exposing one's heart to another."

Like a spiritual prowess, she hunted us down in the spirit and devoured any residue of flippancy in our understanding that unhealthy SOUL TIES can be formed through physical, emotional, sexual or verbal abusive relationships, obsessive entanglements (the act of giving individuals more authority in your life than you give God).  The deepest of God's lacerations were unveiled with such fluidity in order that  His conduit would uncover with a spiritual venom the subtleness of the behavior associated with unhealthy SOUL TIES

Constant hearing of another's voice in one's head.

  1. Obsessive thoughts or dreams of someone.

  2. Visualizing the individual in one's mind while intimate with spouse.

  3. Sporadic urges to validate, affirm or confirm one's decisions or plans to another.

  4. After extended periods of time the relationship still brings one emotional pain or depression and anxiety.

Although the scraping had CEASED, the tenderness of our CREVICES from the jolting of our spirits propelled us into an even deeper commitment of being TRANSFORMED at the ROOT!  Provoked with a spiritual urgency to defecate any remaining residue from past or current SOUL TIES we were INTIMATELY armed with the simplicity of God's instructions to SIMPLY:

          1.       Acknowledge the SOUL TIES.

          2.       Confess and repent of our part.

          3.       Forgive the victimizer.

          4.       Remove, Renounce, and Break Free.

Postured to be Healed Without Scars, the Spirit gently reminds each of us about the imperativeness of being properly severed from past and current SOUL TIES while the atmosphere was mosaically prepped for UNMASKING! Like any surgery, the RECOVERY process is CRITICAL!  For whenever the past is given too much access it will unequivocally affect the future when not Spirit monitored Upon completion of the UNMASKING our spiritual surgeon SEALED the site and we were declared TRANSFORMED at the ROOT - HEALED WITHOUT SCARS

If you have not already REGISTERED you can reserve your space for the SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2015 Session TODAY! Remember, REGISTRATION is REQUIRED and there is a $20.00 REGISTRATION FEE for EACH session -- space is LIMITED. Also, please be reminded there is NO ONSITE REGISTRATION - NO EXCEPTIONS!

"Where Passion meets Compassion and Transforms at the Root"