A Ministry of Survivors Sent to Revive

About Apostle Dr. Tiajuana Pittman

Apostle Dr. Tiajuana (Apostle "T”) Pittman is Founder and Pastor of Refreshing Springs Global Church of God ("RSGCOG"). She is in life and ministry a wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and Covenant Lady of the Lord to Senior Pastor Bishop Michael Pittman -- God’s presidential man with whom she walks in oneness. As a teachable and approachable leader, Apostle Dr. Pittman's greatest motivation is remaining a godly example to all wives, mothers, daughters and women of every nation.

While preaching and teaching prophetically in divine unison with her husband, she emphatically educates, empowers and disciples those with a hunger for God’s Word. Her compassion towards God’s people provokes them to have an ineffable desire to rightly divide the Word of Truth in every area of their lives. She purposefully caterpillars trained, tried and proven disciples of every nation into their destiny. Known for expounding upon the simplicity of the Word, she unapologetically teaches the residual effects of having intimacy with God’s Word. She is committed to bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to people all over the world, literally transforming individuals into worship offerings one person at a time.

A native Washingtonian, this apostolic prophetic-teacher, author, conference speaker/host, counselor, and empowermentalist, longs for people to be made whole; body, spirit, and soul.  With an unquenchable passion for people of all origins and ethnic backgrounds, she provoked individuals to approach, embrace and attain personal and spiritual maturity from the Logos of God through her monthly “Refreshing Moment with Dr. Tiajuana Pittman” broadcasts on Praise 104.1 (Washington, DC) Praise 100.9 (Charlotte, NC) Praise 102.5 (Atlanta, GA) and Praise 92.1 (Houston, TX).  

She is Founder and President of Strait Talkin' With Pastor "T" ("STWPT"), a monthly assembling of women of all ethnicity, ages, race and socio-economic backgrounds who unapologetically indulge in dialogue about relevant and relatable issues.  These empowerment sessions teach women how to biblically tackle the taboo, re-infuse the relevant and decimate the unprofitable.  Through practical application of the Word, women are afforded an opportunity to ask the real questions while embracing the profundity that you cannot get where you need to be if you're unwilling to acknowledge where you are first!

In keeping with the mind of Christ in esteeming others higher than yourself, Apostle Dr. Pittman considers supporting her husband in life and ministry, being a godly example to their adult children and playing an active role in raising their grand-great children, her greatest honor, and accomplishment in life. Bishop Michael and his wife, Tiajuana have five adult children, nine grandchildren, one great-grandchild and now reside in Maryland.